Ready for an M...?

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Ready for an M...?

Hi All,

I've been a lifelong photographer and had lots of great cameras, but never a Leica. I've looked, but never felt quite comfortable enough to take the plunge.

I have 2 systems, Canon FF and M43 for when I want to travel light, and earlier this year I got a Sony RX1rII.

I'm now having second thoughts on the Sony. The camera itself is fine; the sensor is excellent, it operates well enough, is solidly made and is a decent compact size. I really like the 35mm focal length, and typically also use a prime with the M43 with about the same angle of view. What's really not working for me is the file size if I'm honest; 42MP RAW files are just too big to be practical, and I just don't think the Zeiss lens can make use of the resolution either. And before anyone says it, the Q isn't for me - I don't want a 28mm prime on a fixed body.

I have played with an M9 for a little while, so I'm thinking about a Leica M and Summilux 35mm f1.4. Manual focusing doesn't phase me - I did enough of it in the film days. Never had a rangefinder though.

So, as I'm new to Leica and it will be a big investment for me, is this a good time buy an M? I'd hate to invest £5k on a body then have it replaced a month or two after... I know Leica is a bit different in that respect, but still. Lenses I'm not so worried about of course.

And when I go to my local Leica boutique, any tips on what I should look at closely? Handling foibles (apart from the obvious), what's good, what isn't etc.

All input welcome!


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