Sigma 150-600 C on Nikon D5!

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Re: Sigma 150-600 C on Nikon D5!

mansod wrote:

Pixel boy wrote:

Ok you may think the D5 is beyond the Sigma but I have tested the 200-400 F4 and although it is better. At £4500 less the Sigma does a decent job.

Nice work!

I think the Sigma C 150-600 is a very good lens. But on my D500 the outer AF points is almost unusable when coupled with that lens. Could you try using the corner AF points with the D5? The work in very good light and a target with high contrast on the D500 but most of the time they just hunt and then give up. The focusing seems fine using the more central points and if you're not actively looking for the issue it's very possible to not notice. Just to be clear the outer AF points works very good with other lenses, it's just the D500 + Sigma C 150-600 that displays this problem.

Interested to see how the behaviour is on the D5.

That is an excellent point and one that I noticed just a few days ago.

The D5 WIIL work but only on the centre RED area and the BLACK ones.I assume this is because the 150-600 seems to hit f6.3  around 320mm as such on the D500 and D5 the outer points just wont focus.

This is an issue for me as I like to be able to use the outer points to make sure fine accurate focus and I mostly avoid putting images in the centre.

Not the fault of the lens or camera, just my fault for not doing my research.

I guess I have two options, focus and re-compose or buy the Nikon 200-500 f5.6 but on my basic tests the Nikon was not any sharper

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