External AF motor for MF lenses

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Re: You've answered your own question

I guess you don't build stuff.

You don't have to build stuff to have good ideas.

Looking at your list of components, would you be willing to carry such a thing around?

Actually in video-world everyone is walking around with portable focus AND ZOOM servos. That is even more than what graphical asked.

Would you enjoy changing lenses with this setup? One element you don't include is the interface from focus mechanism to camera AF. Cameras don't have this stuff readiily accessible.

As it happens, I have built a remote focusing and zooming device (manual focus on a monitor) for a camera that was in an inconvenient location. It was big and there was no way I would want to operate that rig handheld.

It's normal that when you build things yourself, it's not always as portable as it could be.

Have a look at this servo. It has two motors (also one for zooming) and even a controller on board. I think that when you remove the strap, controller and the servo for zooming you can get a very portable unit that's not to clumsy to carry around.

Finally, what MF lenses are you thinking of that would warrant such an effort? I has to be cheaper and better to get a modern lens of similar specification.
Leonard Migliore

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