Sony A7RII Buffer speed shooting raw, Single shot, once per second.. can't keep up??

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Re: All equipment has limitations ... learn what they are and work-around them.

l_d_allan wrote:

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Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

For sport you can simply forget about using this camera for such a thing

I wish you had told me this earlier. I wouldn't have wasted my time with the 20k+ sports shots I have taken over the past year!

You got a link to you using the a7r2 for sport and how many keepers you got and how quick you was able to take the shots without the camera buffering?

I just did a quick check with my a7Rii and High-Continuous. It did better than I expected.

uRAW (uncompressed) ... burst of 10 and then about a minute for the "Red Busy" light to go off,

cRAW (compressed) ... burst of 22 and then about a minute (58 sec) for the "Red Busy" light to go off.

Personally, I've found that when I walk away from a game or practice with > 1000 shots, I'm severely less likely to get them all processed in a timely manner. So, I attempt to avoid using continuous except for key moments.

Clearly, you'd have to adjust your practice to accommodate the slow buffer writes. With a football game, maybe you wouldn't get every play, but maybe every other play or every 3rd play?

In basketball, you might adjust your practice to do bursts of 6 to 10 every 20 to 30 seconds.

I don't see that as a show-stopper / non-starter to use the a7Rii for capturing sports.

With cRAW and bursts of 6, the camera becomes responsive and able to take more captures sooner than the 58 sec noted.

With most sports, you get so you can anticipate the action for "decisive moments" ... like the peak of a jump shot, free throw, etc.

I shoot indoor ice hockey and outdoor soccer. Point the camera at the goalkeeper and as soon as you see him start to drop, shoot a burst. Easy peasy.

Perhaps one of the toughest challenges is the driving layup, closely defended, with indoor basketball at the high school level and so-so lighting, Spray and pray?

The AF tracking would probably be more of a limitation compared to a CaNikon Pro camera like the 1Dx or D4 or D5. This "Canon 6d semi-defector" with antique AF system would speculate that the Canon 5d3 may have a better AF system for sports than my a7Rii, as is probably the case for the 5DS[r].

I'll acknowledge not being a "sport shooter" ... I've been the volunteer photographer at a week long basketball camp that took place outdoors with plenty of sun.

I'm also not a professional photographer or sport shooter. However, for my purposes the a7rii works well. I've recently started to notice when the camera doesn't track well. But while I know it's not canon-quality focus tracking, I still am happy with the overall result.

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