F700 DR. I have found it!!!!!!!

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Re: F700 DR. I have found it!!!!!!!

OOps! I didn't mean to post just then.

The exposures on those pics were:
+0, +2/3, +1 1/3
+0, +1/3, +2/3, +1, +1 1/3

Now the +0 EV shots for the two cameras were similar. People
here have said it is hard to compare them as the shirt were wrinkled
differently, the exposures seemed to be 1/3 EV out etc.
On the 1/3EV thing, I noted that the Brightness reading in the EXIF
read about 9.12 on the S5000, and 9.67 on the F700.

Now, as we progress into the increased exposure, something strange
happens: The blown out areas on the shirt DECREASE. The last
pic at +1.3EV has the least blown out areas on the shirt.
Increadable! However, the weather boards behind her and her
hair/face get progressively blown out, but at a far lower rate than
on the S5000.

Clearly what is happening is, once the histogram shows a given limit
of blown out pixels, the R data of the SR pair is progressively increased.

Or something similar.

This suggests that in a well exposed pic with no blow-outs, there
may well just be the S data used, and no unusual DR is shown.

However, for more extreme lit pics, there is more exposure latitude.
As Jef said. More than in any camera he has tested (if I understand
his wording).

Is this a good thing? I say Definately! A high percentage of my
pics could use this feature.

However. I seems like the cool mountain vally shots we've seen simulated
are not about to happen. Not unless we extract the S and R RAW

Could this info have been noticed earlier? Well, Hard to say in the
comparisons we've seen, as the users tried for the same exposures.
A controlled set of shots such as these were needed.

I hope I've answered all your questions

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