How do you guys save and archive your .cr2 Canon files and finished product?

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How do you guys save and archive your .cr2 Canon files and finished product?

I have always shot RAW and then when I'm done exported the finished version as a high quality .jpeg and then put that in the correct folder on my computer which then goes to Dropbox, so the photos then go to other computers.

I have two questions here; I have read that .Jpegs get messed with overtime. Such as passing them through Dropbox, switching computers, etc etc. If that is the case, what about .tiff? Will it allow for me to keep the same quality forever? Even if it's passed through multiple things over the years?

The second question is; Going back to the RAW files, I've heard arguments for both sides but I personally do not believe .DNG files are going anywhere. I believe .CR2 would be obsolete before .DNG. And I believe if .DNG ever went obsolete there would be a convertor. Plus, the new iPhone 7 is supposed to shoot RAW .DNG so it'll be around. So, with that said, wouldn't it be more beneficial to have my Raw files as ONE file?

Because I don't convert to .DNG and I also don't trust Lightroom's Catalog and I also know in the future Lightroom may be of no use, I have to turn on .XML saving. So it saves all my settings beside the Raw file, however it's two separate files.

With a .DNG, I would get the Raw file and it's .XML in one file. Not literally an .XML but all of it's settings. Is there any downside to doing this?

I like the idea of it being in one file and not having to have the catalog. The only problem is, I don't know how to get back to the original file. Because if I open it, it'll have all the settings on it, but what if I want to get back to when it had no settings on it? I can't edit undo everything if it's in a different catalog or not even involving Lightroom? I do use other programs, such as Aurora HDR, Photomatix, Noiseless CK, DXO Optics pro. I might try capture one again, not sure.

The Raw question is one thing.... But the more important question I'm asking is the first question. I don't want my archived finished files, (not the raw files) which are .jpegs to diminish over time. If I run a .Tiff file through dropbox a thousand times and change computers a thousand times it will still be exactly the same right?

Also, concerning .DNG preview. I know it makes the file size big. But is there any way on Mac OSX to just not export to .jpeg or .tiff until I need to share it, but just save the raw files but be able to open a full rez preview that's stored inside? Although it'll make the files bigger, a .Tiff file plus the raw files are even bigger.

It would be nice if I could browse the finished product in Mac OSX without it being .jpeg and without having to open up Lightroom or Photoshop.

Any other organizing tips are welcomed. I ask this question because I am starting a brand new Lightroom Catalog. There are 0 photos so far. This is my first, "master" catalog. I've always just done it where each shoot has it's own catalog. I no longer am going to do that.

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