Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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Re: Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

Doug Pardee wrote:

For most purposes, DSLRs and mirrorless are interchangeable. Making a mirrorless would be pointless.

Mirrorless and DSLRs have different strengths and weaknesses. I use and enjoy both. A full frame mirrorless is just another option for the customer. So, if either Canon or Nikon want to test the FF mirrorless water, more power to them. To ignore this market may cost them dearly in the future.

For shooting action, especially bursts, DSLRs win. At least until we start seeing global shutters in sensors, anyway.

Agreed, a DSLR is the best choice for shooting fast action. I have a Canon 7D for that purpose. For everything else I use my a7RII using mostly Canon lenses.

For fast, reliable autofocus with the huge lens catalogues from Canon and Nikon, DSLRs win. Mirrorless will need its own line of lenses. Canon has produced only six dedicated lenses for its EOS M mirrorless, and they're designed for APS-C so not really useful on a full-frame mirrorless.

But if either Canon or Nikon provide a good adapter with a FF mirrorless then the majority of these lenses will work as they do on a DSLR with good but not fast-action quality AF.

For autofocus in dim light using near-IR focus assist lighting, DSLRs win.

DPR tests show that an a7RII focuses as fast or faster than a DSLR in very low light.

For inexpensive wide-angle, mirrorless wins. Provided, of course, that it uses a different lens mount with a much shorter flange distance (as all mirrorless lines to date do).

It doesn't make sense to make a mirrorless with a standard DSLR length flange distance.

For light weight and small size, mirrorless only wins with smaller sensor sizes. As soon as you say "full-frame," you're talking a large camera with a large lens.

That's true if minimum size is the only criteria. The top small sensor mirrorless cameras are not all that small or light. A FF Sony a7 is smaller and lighter than an Olympus EM-1. Fit a 35 f/2.8 on an a7 series camera and you have a very small and light outfit.

When you get to telephotos, the small sensor cameras win but an a7RII is a hybrid camera which can also use smaller APS-C lenses to produce images with 18MP resolution. The APS-C MP will increase as the MP of FF sensors increases. So you get the best of both worlds - great image quality and smaller than DSLR size with wide angle to short telephoto and the use of APS-C quality with telephoto lenses.

Canon or Nikon would need to create an all-new line of full-frame lenses, and would (arguably) need to develop in-body image stabilization if they really wanted to be competitive. They've both already got some nice wide-angle lenses.

Certainly a few new lenses plus a really good adapter would be required.

So... I have trouble imagining why someone would buy a full-frame mirrorless Canon (or Nikon) when they could buy a full-frame DSLR from the same company. The DSLR would cost less, do more, have a wider lens selection (including on the used market), and be about the same size and weight.

I would, if it provided better compatibility and acceptable performance with my Canon lenses. I would rather see Canon and Nikon add good FF mirrorless cameras than ignore this market.

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