Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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Re: "They are in Dilemma. . . "

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Siewwah wrote:

I agree with your assessment but wouldn't call it a dilemma. I am almost certain that both Nikon and Canon have spent enough R&D and already have good enough designs to start manufacturing. What holds them back is simply the investment decision: Will there be sufficient return on the investment based on the projects sales? for now, I would think that they both find that it not profitable to start.

But they will if for some reason, the sales trend changes significantly.

My opinion is that DSLR offers are now good for most market segments, except for a small niche that Sony is trying to make successful. It's not obvious that Sony is going to be successful - financially I mean. By definition, a niche is a segment where there are few buyers and sellers....

By the way, I have DSLRs in FF and APSC, and mirrorless APSC and M43 - and l love their features so I keep most of them....there is no other way to enjoy the complete range of features....

I stop worrying about the camera manufacturer's problems and just enjoy photography!

Sony's direct market experiment helped Canon/Nikon to stop at assessment itself. It has been 7 to 8 years since introduction of mirrorless in the consumer market. We still just hear rumours that nikon/canon filed designed patents, "Just Rumours", no official announcements. .

the patent rumors were half baked.

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