My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock

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GX80 / GX85 shockproof mechanical shutter

BostonC wrote:

Could you please do the same test w GX85? No one, other than perhaps the manufacturer, has done thetest re. the cam's new shutter mechanism compared with EFCS in terms of reducing shutter shock impact.

Yes, I would love to see the same tests done with the 100-400 on a GX80 / GX85 body too...

I bought the 100-400 specifically for airshows, where I need to use shutter speeds between 1/30th and 1/320th for prop-driven planes and helicopters (propellers and rotors have to be motion-blurred to avoid planes looking like dead-sticks... 1/200th - 1/320th gives a pleasing blur, and 1/30th - 1/60th gives a "full-disc" propeller blur)...

I also need to pan with the planes in motion, so electronic shutter work-arounds are no good.

So I bought the GX80 with its "shockproof" mechanical shutter, to pair with the 100-400 to avoid shutter shock. It seems to work, but I'd love to see some methodical testing/verification of that.

I could really use a bigger body than the GX80 for the 100-400... but GX80's shutter mechanism is now a "must-have"... so it's my only option until there's a G7 or GH4 successor that has it. (Or global shutter...!)

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