Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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Re: Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

justmeMN wrote:

Philnw2 wrote:

and i look at worldwide shipments and look at the total sales value in yen in the fourth column which compares the six months of this year to the same period last year. (i don't look at the unit figures because that gets all fuzzed up with many considerations)

It's the CIPA yen values that are fuzzy to me. Are those real values that somebody actually pays, or just imaginary values, like suggested retail prices? Units are clearer to me.

value from what I understand is FOB value, or the export value, and not what it's sold at.

also it's nebulous because predominately only canon and nikon focus on the entire ILC market from beginner to professional. Fuji, Olympus, Sony,etc are switching gears in a haste to improve profitability to only worrying about higher end units. for example, sony used to have the NEX F line, A5xxxx line,etc with multiple cameras .. now? How many low cost PENS did Olympus have at one time?

also these are "system cameras" .. units makes more sense because it's the definition of a mount market share.

the mount determines how many lenses, accessories, and even how prevalent it will exist in the used market.

"value" means sweet f-all with the exception of determine WHAT is moving where.

as an example. the unit value of NA is far higher than the unit value of Asia, with suggest that the higher end mirrrorless units are being shipped more to NA versus Asia.

Then compounding that is even the value isn't static. Mirrorless cameras don't have to ship out that much. because not many are sold and they have a shorter lifecycle. the FOB price is far more static than for instance a D750 or a 5D Mark III with a much longer lifecycle.

here's the marketshare in value:

even with this which I consider to be "bad data" we're not really seeing a major shift any time soon.

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