My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock

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Guy Parsons wrote:

Impulses wrote:

CrisPhoto wrote:

EM5 II, PEN-F and i think EM10 II offer true electronic first curtain. Which cures shutter shock as well ...

EM10 II still has the old style shutter with the dummy first curtain, I believe.

Helen and others appear to have confirmed that only the E-M5ii and the Pen-F have the shutter that can prevent the first curtain running and use true shock-less EFCS operation.

The E-M10ii and others with 0 sec anti-shock always run the first curtain but delay the EFCS for approx 1/40 second to wait for the shock to dissipate. It auto disables above 1/320 sec but evidence seems to be that it really is needed at up to maybe 1/500 sec.

The risk is that at faster shutter speeds a mismatch between the electronic EFCS speed and the spring loaded second shutter speed would cause uneven exposure down the frame.

My E-P5 tells me this when setting the 0 sec anti-shock: "When shutter speed is 1/320 or less, the first shutter curtain is switched from mechanical to electronic to reduce blur caused by shutter impact." In reality of course with the E-P5 the first curtain still runs though the ambiguous text could mislead some. Do the E-M5ii and Pen-F have the same text in the Custom Menus?

Regards.... Guy

Yes they do. more or less.  They say: "When shutter speed is 1/320 or less, the first shutter curtain is switched to electronic.  Select the post-shutter release delay time."

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