My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock

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Re: My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock.. WOW! ;-( , thanks

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Thank you Cris for the good detective work.

I knew there was something wrong with when I started shooting the lens (Lumix 100-400mm) I thought it was me using the IBIS of the M-5 and the OIS at the same time the first time out with the combo.

Second time with the OIS on the lens turn off, it got worse, most of my Humming bird shots were blurred, I thought it was my poor photo skills (could well be but with other zoom combos (Nikon1, sony Emount) the humming birds images were perfectly in focus no blur.

I will try the E shutter with this lens, thanks again

Panasonic please send a fix, if possible ;-((

Don't shoot hummingbirds in e-shutter mode. You will get distorted wings.

That is what I found; unless you upgrade to the gx85 (the only body that actually cures shuttershock) e-shutter has limitations

EM5 II, PEN-F and i think EM10 II offer true electronic first curtain. Which cures shutter shock as well ...


EM10 II still has the old style shutter with the dummy first curtain, I believe.

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