Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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Re: Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

Noone really knows what the future holds for us, not even the camera mfr.

I've been serious about photography for 9 years, been selling pics for 7 years, the last 2 years have been in co-op galleries. My background is Pentax DSLRs, and now i'm a 2 system camera owner with Sony A7rii, still have a K3 for bad weather conditions.

My best guess - and thats all any of us can do:

1. DSLR and MILC will reach parity in numbers by 2018, neither type will go away anytime soon.

2. Canon will introduce FF and APS mirrorless cameras at 2016 photokina based on their attitude and quotes at the 2014 photokina

3. Nikon will not introduce mirrorless aps or FF cameras this year,

Since Hasselblad introduced their mirrorless MF model this year, which noone predicted, then its entirely possible that Canon will do the same with a FF model.

Actually, both DSLRs and MILCs have their advantages and disadvantages. But ultimately it will be the marketplace that decides which models stay and which go. And thats a bit unnerving.

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