My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock

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Re: Quick take: GX8, electronic shutter OFF

CrisPhoto wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

Sorry, did not realize how much dust my old Hitachi got... I am using digital Tektronix mostly, but, of course, it will not do.

Anyway, does not look like a huge problem on GX8 with mechanical shutter:

Cool! You are the first other one posting a CRO shot.

But you made a little mistake. As the effect is only some pixels high, and the line is not thin enough, the CRO screen should only fill 10% of your photo. Like 500x350 pixels. It is hard to compare when we use different scaling.

As I wrote to Helen, the GX8 behaves quite OK. But one might see a difference when switching between mech/electronic shutter.

Well the second other one at least (, but that was two years ago, and as promised, I did not store the image in my gallery for long.

More seriously: Please keep up the excellent work - so much information is revealed by your tests.

The GX8 you mention is interesting too - I always argue for the unpredicability of shutter shock even among cameras of the same model. Evidence of the extent of such variability is still quite rare (if I buy a camera with shutter shock problems, I don't tend to buy another of the same model).


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