Colour Difference between A7 and Canon 5D MKII

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Re: ~in camera white balance

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I know you mentioned your monitor is calibrated but I might add calibrators can be more of an approximate thing.

For example I calibrated my monitor with a ColourMunki and it showed images a lot warmer with rich reds and yellows. But when I opened a photo of a scene I was totally familiar with it was way oversaturated and too red. Turning down the colours until the familiar scene photo looked like it does in real life is what I consider a calibrated monitor.

Was the familiar photo edited on a uncalibrated monitor? Or was it straight from the camera?

The major benefit in calibrating is that your photo will look the same on other calibrated monitors. Deciding you don't like the calibration and adjusting your monitor/calibration would result in the image appearing differently to other users viewing it on calibrated monitors and when you print it. Would it not be of more use to adjust the image's saturation to be as you wish it to be so that others using calibrated equipment will not see an over saturated, too red picture?

Saying calibration is an approximation to me seems counterintuitive. To me adjusting the calibration to what you consider displayed a single  "familiar scene photo" to look correct would be the approximation. The calibration process is performed to give you a consistent base for working from that will result in expected results across other calibrated equipment (printers, other displays, other users calibrated displays/devices) rather than providing a "looks like the real life scene to me" preference, that is for you to achieve when editing. By adjusting the calibration to one familiar scene that was at a certain time of day, with one particular white balance, and possible reflected colours from objects within the scene, etc. etc. etc. you really aren't going to be getting a useful calibration in my mind.

Of course correct me if I'm wrong but this was my understanding.

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