Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 Dc and MC-11 Converter

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Re: How has the experience been

rocketjacket wrote:

Interesting you should ask.

Well the weight of the camera became an issue and although it worked with the AF, it was twice as slow as a native lens. We are talking less than a second but when you are used to the very fast AF of the a6000, anything slower seems very slow. So I returned the lens and converter and picked up a used 16-70 f/4 Zeiss.

The AF is great, but I cant see why its so expensive. Is it so much better that the 18-105?

IF (!) you get a good copy of the 1670, then it is a bit smaller and lighter, has less distortion and goes wider to 16 mm.

The 18105 on the other hand has more tele, allows lower DOF therefore, is internal zoom so no dust sucker, is less expensive, sharper at the sides in the telerange and is also great for video.

Mechanical zoom versus powerzoom of the 18105: In my 1670 copy the mechanical operation was stiff with a well noticable point in between requiring more strength. The 8105 on the otherhand is silky smooth. For me personally, the power zoom is the better on in this case, but others may differ.

The big thing with the 1670 though is a) risk of getting a decentered one and b) the risk of getting  a copy with poor side sharpness. If you get a copy without both issues, it is a fine lens.

For me personally, I got rid of the 1670 and kept the 18105, because that lens is much more fun to me. But I have already explained that in my blog review & comparison.

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