My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock

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Re: My PL100-400 does not like shutter shock

CrisPhoto wrote:

Helen wrote:

Thank you for the excellent and thorough test, which is very informative and educational.

Two little things I could add: the E-M5 Mark II and Pen-F have even less potential for vibration when in 0-sec Anti Shock mode if the Release Lag is set to short, as otherwise though the first curtain doesn't run at all prior to the exposure, as you stated, the shutter cocking mechanism does emit quite a hefty clunk. Setting lag to short moves that clunk to the end of the previous exposure instead.

Secondly, I thought I should point out that the GX8's mechanical shutter is unfortunately nothing like the GX80/GX85's new, reduced-vibration unit. The GX8 has a conventional shutter much like the one in the GX7 - it is very sharp and loud, with quite a lot of potential for vibration.

Oh yes, you are a very good observer. I forgot to mention!!!!

I always use ReleaseLag=short.

Ah - that answers that question!

Regarding the GX8, while it has a quite traditional shutter, a separate test with a borrowed GX8 showed that while it is not silent, this shutter works better with my 100-400 than my EM1.

I am really surprised about your GX8 findings.  Could I just make entirely sure that we are talking about the same camera?  Absolutely not meaning to cast doubt, it's just that my GX8 really doesn't seem to match the description of having a quiet shutter, and I am really surprised by the nice flat traces you have posted for the GX8.  I'm referring to the big, superb-EVF camera without a built in flash and with an all-metal body.  Mine has the loudest, sharpest-toned and most easy to feel mechanical shutter of all my cameras, and I know I've had it shake the (notoriously vulnerable) 14-42 PZ without much prompting.  Totally different behaviour than with my smaller, newer GX80 (aka GX85).

Then again, I have come across different examples of the same camera model with completely different-sounding mechanical shutters (not the GX8 unfortunately, but I am able to compare two E-M1 cameras with completely different-sounding shutters).  Nevertheless, your friend may have a GX8 which is rather more civilised in its mechanical shutter behaviour than mine (maybe Panasonic have somehow altered something about the shutter installation since mine was made?).

Anyway, I bow to your superior scientific approach, of course.  I just wanted to double-check that we weren't talking at cross-purposes regarding the GX8, as the description of its shutter sounded so unlike the way mine behaves.

PL100-400 and mechanical shutter of different cameras (for example GX8)

The 300mm lines are blurry because manual focus was difficult and because I had to use a mirror (as my house does not offer 20m straight distance). Even the best mirror I found does not have the optical quality needed ...

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