RX100 - watercolor effect - the autumn is here (in Sweden)!

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Re: RX100 - watercolor effect EXPLAINED

kimmie92592 wrote:

elliottnewcomb wrote:

Glad this popped back to the top. Many more nice shots from you.

I figured it out, for dummies like me, step by step:

Camera, press play button, cycle thru until you

1. get to a pic you want to try it on.

2. press menu while still in play

3. in menu, using rockers, over to playback, page 2, picture effect

4. press center button, two choices, a. watercolor, b. illustration

5. use rocker up or down, press center button to select a or b

6. after you press the center button, it returns to the play view on the lcd, and the new version of the picture, either watercolor or illustration, is created and shown.

7. press menu button, it asks: save: OK? Cancel? use rocker, press center button.

8. it goes back to lcd play view, new modified pic is shown. While it is shown, if you want to add the effect again, press menu, do it again.

Tried it, these two trees


Hi Elliott,

Do you know which models this in camera editor for watercolor effect exists? I know the RX100. Do any subsequent models do this?

I just tried my RX1r, it works exactly like the rx100m1, you can make either a watercolor or an illustration of any normal shot on the memory stick as an alternate.

btw, you can move a memory stick from another rx100. I put one from my rx100m3 into my rx100m1, then I can make an alternate watercolor or illustration of any shot on that stick.

I tried shooting RX1r at 10mp image size, then moving it into rx100m1. It will play the image, but will not make an alternate watercolor. Other way, rx100m3 to RX1r shows but will not make an alternate.

Just a test, not a prize image, but from my RX1r, converted in-camera alternate Watercolor. This was one huge Purple Rhody (or Azalea?), on the way up to Bill's house.

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