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JonathanRphoto wrote:

I'm printing off 20 of my images for a box portfolio to carry into agencies. I was looking at the Alvin Prestige to carry it in but the company I bought it from canceled my order and said it was discontinued. Does anyone have any suggestions similar to the Alvin Prestige pictured below?

Its going to be carrying an 11x14 box portfolio.


Did you check Adorama? Not sure where you purchased your Alvin Prestige from, but this link indicates it is in stock.


If you can't locate the specific Alvin portfolio you are looking for, you may want to check out the Itoya portfolios. I've been using them for years and Itoya makes a great multi-ring binder.


What I like about Itoya's multi-ring Portfolio is that you can add or subtract the number of pages, unlike a portfolio that is bound which restricts you to the number of pages the manufacturer gives. I've purchased additional pages from Amazon and customize all my portfolios this way.

Another plus with the Itoya is that their pages are crystal clear. When looking at the pics of the Alvin vs the Itoya portfolio, the Alvin seems to have pages that are not as clear as the Itoya. This makes a difference in the way prints look. Over the years, Itoya has improved the clarity of their portfolio pages and their latest version, which they call "crystal clear clarity and glass smooth texture" really is just that.

One thing to watch out for is that in the 11" X 14" size, Itoya has both a "mini-ring" and a "regular" sized multi-ring binder.  The size of the rings are important if you order additional pages. I have the mini-ring in 8.5" X 11" and the "regular" sized rings in 13" x 19".  Your 11" x 14" seems to come with both the mini-ring and the regular.  If it is at all helpful, I find the regular sized rings a bit easier to work with in the larger portfolio sizes.  The  mini-ring is really sleek in the 8.5" x 11" format.

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