Do wide angle lenses typically have much higher distortion on full frames than on crop sensors?

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Re: Do wide angle lenses typically have much higher distortion on full frames than on crop sensors?

romfordbluenose wrote:

Yes if you use them both at the widest setting of 24mm. On FX you see the full distortion across the image. On DX you only see the centre of the image equivalent to 36mm which loses the distortion at the edge of the lens.

Also although you say the board was centred, it doesn't look so to me. If its centred then the centre of the board would still be in the centre of the shot, yous isn't.

Even if you centre the board in the shot and the camera is not aligned with the board then distortion will be increased on one side or more of the image. Not necessarily a bad thing as a lot of creative photography is done using this technique.

Looking at the picture then the image shows significant barrel distortion, i.e. the edges of the board are curving out, you will probably find that at the telephoto end the picture will suffer from pin cushion distortion, where the sides curve inwards.

This distortion is normal for these lens, some better than others. Nikon cameras do adjust the images for their own lens, for 3rd party lens you have to eliminate the distortion in post processing.

I see. I did look up how to correct this in photoshop, and this is much better and usable, although the image got cropped considerably:

And about the camera not aligning with the board, you're right, I phrased it a bit wrongly. I did focus on the centre, but was perhaps not equidistant from the left and right edges.

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