FX lenses on DX cameras

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FX lenses on DX cameras

Looking at getting a semi pro kit together. I own nothing (apart from my compact) so have a clear slate. I am a beginner looking at the long game. Apart from the Fuji XT-2 route, Nikon is the other main contender right now. The more I think about what I want to do, the more my requirements change. So if you read my last thread you may be thinking "this guy doesn't know what he wants". True. It's all distilling by the day

However I am realising sports photography is important to me. Surf photography in particular. I also want to do low light event stuff, landscape, street and some macro.

Also, I have realised that apart from future proofing, there is no point in sacrificing IQ for the sake of $1 - $1.2k. So I am moving my attention beyond the D5500/D7200.

As far as Nikon goes, my mind has moved between D5500 and D750 and everything in between. The D750 gets almost unreserved praise. However I keep seeing comments that the only area it lags well behind the D500 is sports.

The Fuji XT-2 is an unknown quantity for sports to some extent. XT-2 could be quite good but seems it won't touch the D500 for surf photography. XT-2 may not be a long term proposition for my sport/surf photography.

So, scrimp and save and get a D610, D750 or D500. Can't afford a D810, that's a bridge too far $ wise. Seems like the D500 is the way to go for my sports. Comparing D500 with D750 there are plusses and minuses on both sides.

However based on my reading it seems that full frame photography is becoming more reachable for the enthusiast and in the end most pros end up in the FX world. FX is the V8 of photography. I think about the D500 and can't help but think I would be locking myself into the DX system, limiting my system's growth. Why not just bite the bullet on day one and go FX?

Then I think maybe get a D500 and use FX lenses. Then in 5 years when an affordable Nikon FX sports camera (say a D750 updated with D500 AF abilities and faster shutter) appears I can upgrade and I'm not starting over with my lens collection.

So to finally get to the point of my post. Does a strategy of getting a D500 now with one or two FX lenses with a view of upgrading to a sports FX body in future make sense? Maybe the D500 plays much better with DX lenses, making this a poor strategy?

The other nagging option is a D610 and one of two FX lenses, again with a view to upgrading to a sports oriented FX body in the future. However could the D610 get me my surf shots now while I learn the craft?

Casio Exilim EX-V8 Nikon D500 Nikon D5500 Nikon D610 Nikon D750 Nikon D810
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