using Old Lenses via Adapter with Samsung NX1000

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Re: using Old Lenses via Adapter with Samsung NX1000

Coldamus wrote:

wfan wrote:

Hi, I'm new here, please be gentle.
I'm not getting the adapter to work with camera. Can someone please advise and teach. Many thanks.

First ensure the mode dial is set to "A" (aperture priority) or "M" (manual) mode. You cannot use the other automatic or scene modes with an adapted lens.

The camera automatically switches to manual focus with adapted lenses, so you don't need to bother changing from AF to MF in the menu.

For assistance in manual focusing, you can choose 5x or 8x screen magnification or the display of a focus assist bar. (see page 70 of the manual)

If you choose focus assist bar, it appears on screen whenever you use an adapted lens or a native nx lens switched to MF. If you choose screen magnification as the assist method and are using an adapted lens, you need to press the Ok button to initiate magnification. With a native NX lens switched to manual focus, you only need to start turning its focusing ring.

Magnification is cancelled on half-press of the shutter button, allowing you to re-frame the shot.

If you are getting a "lens not connected" error message, there is a problem with the fit of the adapter.

Otherwise, please let us know what is not working for you and we will try to eliminate the problem.

Thank you for this info. I know this is an old thread but its very relevant to me today having just started an adventure with a NX1000 and Legacy lenses.  Never hurts to say thanks either.

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