Will FF kill K3 successor

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What if the K-3 successor is a full-frame camera?

The K-3 is already a hard act to follow, how are they going to improve on it? The easiest way is to take the innards and mate them with a bigger sensor. They've already proved they can do it with the 645Z.

Just as the K-5 II and the K-3 coexist today, the K-FF and K-3 could coexist tomorrow. Maybe even all 3? And if they develop any incremental improvements in the new model, we could see a K-3 II follow soon afterward with some back-ported technology.

I think your right it may not be the k3 successor but its son is likely to be FF

I see Pentax continuing with two main dslr products as today a mid/low and one mid/hi

but the mid hi will become a FF camera and the mid/lo will become more serious than the current ks line

There might be room for 3 models but I suspect the bottom end will be ceded to MiLC

Pentax will play the mid-level FF once it becomes mainstream

I agree that the top end will be full frame and bottom mILC. The problem is re-vamping the lens line-up. Canon and Nikon always made their top lenses designed for full frame. I think Ricoh will continue to release K-3 successors until their lens lineup is completely revamped. So, I think you'll continue to see 2 more aps-c replacements for K-3. If anything, drop everything below K-3 in DSLR right away and go mILC

You can't afford to lose your top end shooters. And, unfortunately, as you move up the enthusiast to pro food chain, there is no 2-lens solution that works for everyone.

I see Pentax doing exactly what Canon just did for aps-c - release a body that is an upgrade in almost every way from the current model but nothing revolutionary. BUT, you gotta pay attention to your user base and what they need. Pentax has a lot of people that will be happy to buy K-3 replacements for the next 5 years while full frame lenses roll out. This all assumes that Ricoh comes to market with full frame next year along with their 70-200 and 100-400 lenses to keep all those long shooters happy.

The other thing I suspect Penatx/Ricoh will do is use the lens data to switch all DA (aps-c) specified lens into crop mode for FF bodies.

I do not see Pentax re-certifying any DA lens as FF compatible or allowing there use on such bodies it's self abuse

Wow how wrong I was with the 200-300 and 55 being certified fro FF use

Much more likely to release nigh identical lens but with updated XXX and a DFA Monika

ha got the dfa moniker right

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