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johnpendleton wrote:

Yeah, here's a piece of information I might have left out: I'm shooting bees. This is where getting right up on 'em with the 60mm Macro set at 1:1 might not be the best practice. I've even gotten right on top of black widows with the 60mm Macro, but some critters prefer you use the long telephoto.

This year, I've been carrying a Panasonic FZ1000 bridge camera with 1" sensor on neighborhood walks. I take lots of flower photos on those walks and zooming to 300-400mm lets me get adequate subject size without walking into other people's yards. Sample gallery with bees

FZ1000 pictures - including bees

I took the pictures in the next gallery with an m43 body and Oly 60mm macro after getting unsatisfactory results with the FZ1000. (Too little magnification, too vulnerable to blown highlights and the sensor/lens combo was not sharp enough with 1 image pixel per scvreen pixel.)

neighborhood flower closeups - bees too

I use a Panasonic G7 and Oly 60mm macro lens for flower and insect closeups including bees, wasps and other insects. I normally work at 13" from sensor to subject which is about 1:2 magnification. No problem working that close to bees. For a really small subject, I get close to 1:1 magnification.  I've used 90, 105 and 150mm macro lenses and don't really miss them much.

A prime macro lens is a superb tool for closeup work.  A longer focal length zoom is a fine complement but not a replacement.

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