Sony A7RII Buffer speed shooting raw, Single shot, once per second.. can't keep up??

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Re: Sony A7RII Buffer speed shooting raw, Single shot, once per second.. can't keep up??

This is an unfortunate limitation of the A7RII camera that several people have been bit by. Sony camera buffer write speeds lack behind the competition. See e.g. this thread for earlier discussion:

For attempting such PC tethered transfer, libgphoto2 is an open source tethered image capture library (, which implements a reverse engineered version of the Sony PC USB tethering protocol. Unfortunately that does not allow any faster buffer clearing speeds, not because its transfer is also limited by having to first write to the SD card, but also by then having to upload to PC, which itself is limited by USB2 speed (~30MB/sec), as A7Rii doesn't support USB3.

The possible workarounds here would be to either shoot compressed RAW, which would halve the transfer size from 80MB to 40MB, or to shoot JPG (I know, which you mentioned you didn't want to do), or a third method you could try is to shoot by enabling APS-C mode, which reduces the captured image from 42 megapixels to 18 megapixels, so RAW files will then be about 35MB in uncompressed or 17MB in compressed.

If none of these is an option, the final resort would be to switch to Canon or Nikon or some other camera that would have better buffer clear speeds. For this purpose, is a very good site that reports the maximum speeds that different camera+card combos can attain.

Please do take the time to send feedback to Sony forums about how the upcoming A7 iii generation should support USB3.1 and XQD. I really hope they don't miss out on this feature once the next generation arrives.

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