When did you start calling yourself a photographer?

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Re: When did you start calling yourself a photographer?

wondershovel wrote:

After 30+ years spent dabbling in photography, I don't yet call myself a "photographer" to the public, more like an "amateur photographer". The day I start getting paid for challenging shots like weddings and portraits, and start doing camera-speak incessantly instead of English (and sleeping with my primes), I will grant myself the lofty title.

That being said, I take dozens of pictures per day on my Nikon, Sony and Panasonic cameras and I've racked up over sixty thousand (60,000) shots, as evidenced by my full hard drive. My friends all tell me that my Flickr shots are great and that I have 'the eye". I collect dozens of old Nikkor, Vivitar, and Soligor lenses. I will often shoot dozens or hundreds of photos of the same test target just to compare lens sharpness or learn something about performance of various lenses. And I study human anatomy models to try and figure out why the shadows fall in certain patterns on peoples faces and necks in portrait photography.

And with all this going on, still, I don't think I'm much of anything... Oddly, I see a guy with a Nikon d7200 and a big fat Nikkor zoom, and i think to myself, 'now THERE is a photographer." Then i see one of Ansel Adams prints and read about his formal photography training and equipment... and I am reminded that even the owner of a modern cell phone is often a 'photographer' these days.

I love reading all your posts. You guys are all awesome!

Bottom line - - - you enjoy PHOTOGRAPHY but do not care about titles.
Speaking of Hard Drive.  have you considered getting a portable drive that connects to the USP port of your computer?  I have 2-Tera Bytes Seagate Portable drives about the size of a cell phone like Apple or Samsung. I paid about $75 each from Costco.

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