Anyone with X100T and another Fuji X Camera?

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Re: Anyone with X100T and another Fuji X Camera?

I first started thinking about Fuji X cameras in June last year - my nephew had one (X-Pro1) on his short list for a small alternative to his Canon Full frame DSLR, to carry in his cycling vest when he's out and about.  He bought it (it came as the end of line kit with two small primes, but I can't remember which), and I had my first play with it last August.  I liked I, was also interested in something smaller,  and my first buy was an X100T.  Quite carefully researched on how  I would get on with a fixed 23mm lens - I just stuck a 24mm lens on my Nikon APS-C DSLR and didn't let myself change lenses for a week.  Good fun.

That was followed early this year by an X-T10, and latterly an X-Pro1 of my own - they're almost giving them away these days.

However: I really like the X100T, but it's about to go on sale (as soon as I can find the battery charger, which in itself is a bit of a clue!).

I think the clincher is that while I am really happy to have a single FL for a day's shooting, I'd like a more choice than just 23mm.  And 27mm fits the bill quite nicely, actually - and that's what sits mostly on my X-T10.  Until the launch of the 23mm f/2 - I know that's not official yet.  (This is a bit cheeky, but I think Yardcoyote's contributions in this thread would have been subtly different if there was a Fuji 27mm lens with an aperture ring available.  That's not an issue for me, fortunately.)

I don't know what I'll actually end up with - the X-T10 is just a bit small for me.  X-T1 when they drop down the price pecking order is likely. And I do like the OVF/EVF rangefinder idea, so an X-Pro2 is also likely, again subject to the price dropping.

And if Fuji were to go FF (against all expectations) I wouldn't be able to resist, almost whatever the price.

Finally, to my great surprise, I am starting to think very hard about selling my Nikon DSLR stuff.

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