My AF subject tracking settings (seem to work well)

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Petroglyph Veteran Member • Posts: 6,051
My AF subject tracking settings (seem to work well)

Exposure mode: TaV

Auto ISO: 12800 limit

PDAF mode: AF/C

Focus on half press disabled (use AF back button)

Expanded AF Area:  Sel-L 33-pt selected by return to 4-way toggle

Drive mode: Continuous High

1st frame action:  Auto

AF/C Cont:  (Focus Priority) Focus Tracking takes precedence over fps

Hold status:  Off  (AF operates when distance changes)

Aspect ratio:  FF

JPEG only:  size L

DRange:  Off,  Off

NR: custom

Clarity:  0

Skin Tone:  Off

Dig Filter:  Off

HDR:  Off

PXR:  Off

AstroTracker:  Off

AA Filter:  Off


Horizon Correct:  Off

Composition Adj:  Off

Lens Corrections:  Off, Off, Off, Off (There are four nested in there)

VF Grid:  Off

VF Level:  Off

AF Frame: ON

Spot Metering Frame:  Off

AF Points:  Checked

Instant Review:  Off

This set up stays on target very well.  Now I'll start changing things to see which settings are required for excellent performance.

Please comment on the settings I've chosen or how they work for you.

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