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edispics wrote:

Interesting. I have no idea what the law is in this regard. But in thinking about this I came up with this example. Say I work for B&H Photo and I am selling D600s. Does that mean to say I could take a D600 out into my backyard, stick it on top of a fence pole, take a snap, and use that photo in my online store as the product photo? Nikon would not complain?

Nikon might complain, but what you did would not be in any way, shape, or form a copyright violation.

If you used the photo to give credibility to a Web site that falsely implied that you were an "authorized" Nikon dealer, Nikon might have something to hold against you.  If you were an "authorized" dealer and you had a contract with Nikon saying that you would only depict/advertise their cameras in certain ways, likewise.

But neither of these cases would have anything to do with copyright.

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