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Re: Product Photography Lighting

You could place a single light, above/ behind/ and off to the side of the product. This will give you a ton of light while only highlighting the edges. Then you could go on to light the front / side of the product with mirrors and silver cards.

It would be a little tough without modeling lights, but if you start with the one light and repeatedly shoot to get the lights and reflectors right, you can do it.

Light the background unevenly and make discriminate use ofprops and backgrounds. You should be able to produce something unique.

The problems with the shots you presented, as commercial shots are, 1. They don't define the overall shape well and 2. The set, perspective, and propping aren't good.

I think what your boss is asking for is "dramatics", by simple definition that is gained by pushing the light(s) back along the side or even behind the product.

Good luck!

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