Ricoh-Pentax recommendation for K1 specific AF-C tracking settings?

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Re: Ricoh-Pentax recommendation for K1 specific AF-C tracking settings?

Tatouzou wrote:

I dont have K1, only K3, thus I cannot check, but, IMO, this post by Awaldram deserves a special thread, with no arguing about K1 benchmarking performance, just trying to understand if some key settings have been overlooked to enable the AF-C tracking:

Quote from Awaldrampost:

PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System

  • This RICOH-original technology is available during viewfinder shooting when the exposure mode is set to Scene Analyze Auto and the Custom Image mode is set to Auto Select.

Supported by the PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System, the K-1’s Auto Tracking function accurately detects the subject’s motion based on various factors including color, then keeps pinpoint focus on the subject throughout the imaging process by automatically shifting the in-focus point.

In further posts in the same thread he shows the back LCD displaying what these settings (buried in submenus) look like.

IMO, it is worth that those of us who have a K1 try some shooting with these settings and report if there is a noticeable difference in AF-tracking performance.

If K1 AF-C tracking needs this kind of special settings, this would mean:

  • that a complete Ricoh-Pentax AF-C documentation must be developed and made available on Ricoh-Pentax website (maybe it is buried somewhere in the japanese site? )
  • that the camera settings was most probably wrong when passing the DPR bicycle test, and it should be redone;

I have the K1 in my hand and I can tell you that changing the Custom Image mode doesn't affect X-Y tracking at all. Setting the exposure mode to Scene Analyze Auto does affect the tracking - it disables it (and you cannot use AF-C). I think this is a translation error. I would suggest that it's trying to say that the AF-tracking uses the RTSA system, but that doesn't mean you need to 'activate' it. It would be very odd if Pentax only offered this feature in a mode where you cannot select AF-C, or if you select one specific JPEG rendering mode.


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