5dsr: aperture where moire becomes a non-issue?

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5dsr moire reduction from raw (automatic and manual)

I probably should have suggested to a greater degree that it seems to me, admittedly based on very limited testing, that the colour distortion slider of Silkypix SP7 does a great job of automatically eliminating moire (the moire brush in LR6 is also okay, but you do need to have spotted the moire, I found the DXO 11 moire feature not to do much of use).

The worst 5Dsr moire I have ever seen is probably the DPreview new studio scene. Here's what the assorted Raw processors I have did with the standard lighting ISO 100 version (1C3A4708.CR2) in both Default and Default+Moire Removal Options modes. People should please feel free to contribute other Raw processing options. What I will say is Silkypix has so far removed all the moire I've found in real-World images automatically, rather than needing shot-by-shot tweaking, although I've only tested it on a few images. It also has quite a learning curve. I wouldn't use DXO 11 for images with moire issues.

Note I did the Raw conversions on this test scene just for this post, I hadn't tried processing it before (I'd only worked on fixing moire on one of my photos). The crops are actual image pixels (well, if you click on Original Size anyway).

DXO 11.0.0 with Default Settings

DXO 11.0.0 with Default Settings plus Moire slider at maximum (=100)

Silkypix 7 Pro v7.0.6.0 with default settings

Silkypix 7 Pro v7.0.6.0 with default settings then the Colour distortion slider set to 100

Silkypix 7 Pro v7.0.6.0 default settings plus Colour distortion set to 100 and Reduce Moire ticked

Lightroom 6.6 with Default settings

Lightroom 6.6 Moire brush settings

Lightroom 6.6 with Moire Brush set to 100 and painted over everything in this crop

Digital Photo Professional v4.4.30 with default settings

Digital Photo Professional v4.4.30 with defaults then Reduce Chrominance Noise to 10 (half way)

As far as I know all the above images were processed with the latest versions of the respective software, although I have LR 6 not CC (but 6.6 is very recent). Note I claim very little expertise with DPP and just guessed my way to moire fixing.

Here's my results from the one image I had with moire issues that I really needed to fix. Note I was just looking at which tool would be best for moire and didn't mess with other settings, hence the colour/sharpness is somewhat inconsistent (these were just my quickie tests):

My moire problem - this is actual pixels so a very small part of the 50MP image

DXO 11.0.0 version

DXO11 with moire slider at maximum

Lightroom 6.x after using moire brush at 100

Silkypix with colour distortion set to 100

Hope that's of some use... it seems to have eaten my whole morning...

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