QZSD tripods/ballheads

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Re: QZSD tripods/ballheads

Do you guys think the detachable leg would work as a walking stick or trekking pole?

I was thinking of buying two of these tripods, taking the monopod detachable leg from one and putting it onto the other, so it has two legs that can come off easily. That would save me space and a bit in weight, by not having to use trekking poles for backpacking. I would of course make some custom hand grips.

It seems strange that there are not really any tripods already built with two trekking poles available in them. The monopod function is pretty much 99% of the design and engineering work. Just toss another monopod leg onto there and call it good!

I'm looking at the Zomei z888c. Seems like the legs would be plenty long enough to work as trekking poles. It would drop my pack weight by about 2.5-3 pounds over my current tripod and trekking poles. That's quite a bit of reduced weight.


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