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Re: Posted this 10 hours ago

MightyMike wrote:

Rishi Sanyal wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

This is interesting, Rishi was active in the forum up to as recently as 5 hours ago, the usual trolls were all over the forum in the last 10 hours and with the massive controversy the subject ignited evidenced by hundreds of posts across at least a half dozen threads I'd have expected this post to get some attention beyond a few supporting comments.

They requested 100% crops, I supplied them, they requested whole images, I supplied them, they requested a long burst of a subject moving in a similar x-y-z nature, I supplied it. I fully explained the methodology, gear used and situation including minor information about the shots before this. I even dropped in my opinions on the focus features and where i believe they should be used and how i believe they should be used.

The question is where are "they" now?

So you posted this around midnight our time last night, and for every one of you there are dozens more making a grand total of hundreds more comments and threads. Furthermore, we actually have jobs here, mine which is actually to evolve DPR testing and technically edit almost everything that goes up on DPR, and you're wondering/suspicious/questioning our integrity because I personally haven't responded to one of the hundreds of comments being made here?

Do you appreciate the chances of me even finding this thread were exceedingly low?

I saw you were active in the forum at that time and i thought you'd have spotted it. I was thinking of sending it to you in a PM but i thought that would be over the top and pushy. Was it midnight where you are?

It appears many of you are completely oblivious to the scale of this operation. Which is, frankly, perplexing - it shouldn't be too hard for you to take a look at the hundreds upon hundreds of comments and forum posts that have piled up, and yet you expect DPR's Technical Editor to personally come in and see it all, despite monitoring forums being <1% of my job description?

I would never have expected you were reviewing many of the comments made. I thought you had an interest in this topic so i figured you'd spot it. Hey I really don't know how big DPR is as a company or much of the inner workings of the company other then supplying an awesome website, great reviews and an excellent community of forums for nuts like us.

Do I have your permission to actually take an evening off and spend it with my wife? How about sleep - do I have your permission to do that? Especially considering I was up until 4 am fielding comments on a review I didn't even write the previous night?

Yes this made me wonder if you were working some kind of night shift, as important as you believe that answers had to be supplied I still feel you'd have been well within your right to go to sleep and answer them later. I also figured after notice your activity and its corresponding time that you'd take the opportunity to sleep in or maybe even a sick day, I'm not sure how flexible your employer is. I don't expect you to answer comments all night and then be ready to answer more as soon as you wake up, I did however figure wrongly you'd have spotted the post and at least acknowledged it. My Mistake.

However the dig wasn't only at you but those pesky trolls who were more than happy to comment on the threads that started all this trouble (yes mine, and that other one) but were completely silent towards this one, perhaps they missed it also.

Maybe i should repeat myself I have nothing against you, assumptions were made you corrected them don't let them fester. Don't look to me for permission to rest, you know you need it so take a break! I too had a couple short nights and long hectic days at work so i feel for you.

I have to say it never gets easier. For my first 1.5 years at DPReview, I worked 14-18 hour days, every day. That's not even an exaggeration. I don't know if you've noticed but our testing has changed dramatically in the past 2 years, and being new to the industry while trying to effect these changes consumed my life. Thankfully, I had/have a great team to work with. Back then, as we were introducing principles like ISO-invariance, equivalent focal plane exposure, the role of shot and read noise and quantization noise in understanding sensor performance, dynamic range, and subject tracking (particularly, differentiating subject tracking abilities, as they differ vastly between cameras), we had vehement nay-sayers, as much of this stuff was new, and not talked about yet by us or other sites. Or when on-sensor PDAF surpassed DSLR PDAF in certain respects. I suppose any time there are new things/ideas that aren't canonically accepted, there's just a lot of skepticism and knee-jerk reactions.

And though I've tried to scale back my hours to something more reasonable, addressing these knee-jerk reactions never gets easier. Because the entire reason for those long hours (my colleagues put in long hours as well) is our passion to be right and inform our readers with the right information.

So when a whole bunch of people start off with the complete opposite understanding - that we're intentionally trying to deceive, paid off, incompetent, etc. - it's extremely saddening and disheartening particularly because of the delta between that perception and the actual truth.

Much better would be to engage in constructive dialogue about how we could work together, put heads together to come up with new ideas, to test cameras better.

But when the conversation is stuck at 'you're intentionally deceiving us!' or 'you're obviously incompetent and don't even know how to place an AF point over your subject!' - the conversation unfortunately doesn't move forward.

I think you appreciate as well as I do that even when the center point was over the bike (there was a miscommunication between Chris - who did the test - and I, who only reviewed the end results), the results were exactly the same, because the bike handles and other features (or Richard's leg) that fell under the center AF point were all, most of the time, still out-of-focus, with focus falling well behind the bike in even those sets.

We knew we'd already correctly assessed the overall performance, because I myself had done the test previously with Sam - the rollover we'd initially published which was focused on Sam's face using the center point the entire time (but where AF Hold was set to 'Low'). That showed the same exact hit rate (did you see that run? It's what was initially published for the first few hours the review was up).

Now, the latest run, which is essentially exactly like what we published initially on Tuesday save for AF Hold is now 'off', shows exactly the same hit-rate - about 4 sharp images. And yet we have forum members here who were claiming we were incompetent and didn't know how to keep an AF point on our subject (as if placing the AF point on a different part of the subject changed the fact that the camera still couldn't keep up in terms of focus) area now claiming 'results are much better - 4 shots are in focus!'

News flash: that's exactly how many were in focus previously. But I suppose even they need to save face to feel better about saying we'd botched the test entirely the previous n times we'd done it.

I'll shortly publish all the rollovers from all the tests done over the course of 3 different days - all of which show exactly the same thing.


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