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Re: Posted this 10 hours ago

MightyMike wrote:

This is interesting, Rishi was active in the forum up to as recently as 5 hours ago, the usual trolls were all over the forum in the last 10 hours and with the massive controversy the subject ignited evidenced by hundreds of posts across at least a half dozen threads I'd have expected this post to get some attention beyond a few supporting comments.

They requested 100% crops, I supplied them, they requested whole images, I supplied them, they requested a long burst of a subject moving in a similar x-y-z nature, I supplied it. I fully explained the methodology, gear used and situation including minor information about the shots before this. I even dropped in my opinions on the focus features and where i believe they should be used and how i believe they should be used.

The question is where are "they" now?

So you posted this around midnight our time last night, and for every one of you there are dozens more making a grand total of hundreds more comments and threads. Furthermore, we actually have jobs here, mine which is actually to evolve DPR testing and technically edit almost everything that goes up on DPR, and you're wondering/suspicious/questioning our integrity because I personally haven't responded to one of the hundreds of comments being made here?

Do you appreciate the chances of me even finding this thread were exceedingly low? It appears many of you are completely oblivious to the scale of this operation. Which is, frankly, perplexing - it shouldn't be too hard for you to take a look at the hundreds upon hundreds of comments and forum posts that have piled up, and yet you expect DPR's Technical Editor to personally come in and see it all, despite monitoring forums being <1% of my job description?

Do I have your permission to actually take an evening off and spend it with my wife? How about sleep - do I have your permission to do that? Especially considering I was up until 4 am fielding comments on a review I didn't even write the previous night?

Oh its fine to tell a person that their examples in galleries for the public and personal enjoyment are cherry picked and resized and sharpened and there are no sequences and this is wrong and that is wrong and they're at infinity and if the background is at infinity and if i used a canon camera with high quality glass I'd get better images with no regards for consideration of the amount of cropping done or condition during the taking some of those images. that information would be know had they seen the original posting, I suppose I'm part to blame for not linking that information to the post. But still if its that easy to criticize (and it is, I can be put in that group too) then what happened to all the critics?

But when one answers the challenge and does it politely and provides all relevant information and the challengers ignore it, wow what integrity! Perhaps I should have used an outrageous title to get attention.

Maybe we can provide some valid excuses, they might have missed this thread, they might have taken an extensive time downloading the files and are still going through them so haven't had time to comment.

I'm trying very hard not to say they don't care about the truth because I believe they do otherwise why would they argue so hard their opinion just a day ago?

I hope they either just missed this evidence or have been too busy to reply, i really don't want it to be that they are ignoring this example.

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