D5 wrongly reviewed by DXOmark

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Re: D5 wrongly reviewed by DXOmark

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Its not first time that their measured number doesn't represent real life performance. in ISO 3200-12800 range, there is only one sensor that performs better than D5: Sony A7s, with %60 less pixels.

Wow that's not true. There are several Sony sensors that perform better than the Sony sensor in the D5 when it comes to DR and noise. D600, D750, D800, D800E, D810, D4, D4s, DF, and D3X.

First, all reports indicate that the D5 sensor is not made by Sony. Second, the D5 beats all of the cameras you've listed in the indicated ISO range. So yes, "Wow that's not true".

No it doesn't, not even the D600! You're wrong about that and I'm not saying the D5 is bad, just not Nikons best in every area even if it is their highest ISO capable body.

Have you even bothered to look at the actual measurements or are you just going by the single number scores?

You measure DR at Base ISO, that's more than 2 full stops! So yes, see the chart below? The Sensor is behind higher MP sensors through ISO 1600 and the 1/2 stop at ISO 3200 or full stop through 6400 can be accounted for with good NR software thanks to the increased resolution. There's no real effective advantage for that Sensor below ISO 25600.

Well look there, turns out the D5 slaughters the D750 and D600 for high ISO.

If it isn't made by Sony then who else has a FF sensor this advanced?

Well Renesas manufactured the sensor in the D4/Df/D4s so that would be a good place to start.

No that was a Nikon Design, there's a difference between manufacturing and designing the sensor. Nikon's thing is a balance of lower resolution to gain advantages in Noise and DR.

I didn't even touch on the fact that images at the highest of ISO settings are pretty much unusable!

Well, it might be hard for Nikon to use the Renesas line, since it's now owned by Sony. Still, the fab line is of little consequence, so long as it has the capability to fab the design. Nikon's designers have a history of making some pretty good pixels, including the D3s which had a very low read noise relative to pixel size and saturation capacity. They have done decent high density pixels too, for instance the D3200.

Toshiba sensors used in Nikon D7100/7200 switched over to Sony branding in April.

That's because Sony bought Toshiba's sensor operation.

What makes you say Renesas is owned by Sony ?

I didn't and it isn't. What I said was that Sony bought the Renesas fab line that Nikon used, and they did.


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