Rishi and Everyone, Sorry Not A Cyclist, Large Images

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Rishi and Everyone, Sorry Not A Cyclist, Large Images

Alright so in short notice this is what I put together, I've been very busy today, haven't had a moment to pause but while out I got this sequence. Sorry its not in triplicate either.

I never promised perfection, nor did I say it was as good as other brands, all I'm suggesting is that its better than the DPR results show.

I used the Sigma 100-300mm F4.0 EX DG on the K-1, I used SEL-33, I initially took a few photos without the intent to do a burst AF-tracking test then decided to do one so refocused and started the sequence, the original few photos were not included. In SEL-33 like in any SEL mode one has to focus on the desired subject and acquire lock before bursting to obtain best results, that subject also has to stay inside the active focus point zone during the burst or you're guaranteed the camera will likely lose focus and likely won't re-obtain focus without the users intervention. I set my AF hold to medium, I usually use low and have tried high on occasion and if the action is very erratic but the subject is against a nothing background I'll consider turning AF hold off. These were done handheld however I didn't keep the initial focus target in the center of the frame nor did I zoom out which is something I'd normally do. These were shot at 300mm and F5.6 I'd suggest the subject was moving faster than the cyclist and based on head sizes is likely of a similar magnification, yes 300mm F5.6 affords me a little more forgiveness than 200mm F2.8 but only by less than a stop of DOF. I have to apologize as the subject isn't moving perfectly 100% directly at the camera, however I would like to suggest its close enough.

Here are the 15 original files, edited in an old version of ACR (5.7), ACR's sharpening and NR were whatever the default is, I've really never bothered to adjust it. I didn't use any camera profiles either. Its taken over 45 minutes to upload all these files, from ACR to photoshop to save no alterations passed ACR. The files are 18-21mb each


Here is a string of 1:1 crops (1200x800 each) centered on the persons head, no sharpening, no resizing (View original as always)

[9.7mb] http://www.michaelfastphotography.com/galleries/k-1/aftest/afcrops.jpg

Here is the scene for the purpose of showing how the subject moved around the frame during the sequence, these are obviously resized and sharpened so don't make any conclusions about the AF or DOF as at this size such failings are minimized and therefore not accurate. I repeat this is only to demonstrate how the subject move around the frame.

[13.7mb] http://www.michaelfastphotography.com/galleries/k-1/aftest/afscenes.jpg

Now I'm sure someone can tell me what I did wrong and I'm sure you all can figure out how many are in focus and how many aren't, I'll give you a hint, its better than 15%. Perhaps in the near future someone including myself could put together a more similar test to the DPR test but until then enjoy at least something that resembles their AF test.

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