Help judging performance of my FE55z, FE35f2.8z horizon/infinity

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Re: Help judging performance of my FE55z, FE35f2.8z horizon/infinity

slstr wrote:

Would appreciate if I could get some help/feedback judging performance of my FE55 and FE35 lenses.

Test protocol FE55 , manual focus max magnification+low peaking on every f-stop (focused on tall tv/radio broadcast tower far back over horizon, focus using center of lens, but in pictures it is located on the left side of picture).
Took pictures both with and without OSS because of wind/tripod vibrations and selected sharpest pictures at each F-stop
First time using a tripod though so not really aligned shots due to bad workflow.
Focus was indicated by camera as being around 68-92m, at infinity it was not as sharp.

Testprotocol FE35f28z
Same as above, just somewhat better aligned pictures and OSS on all pictures due to slower sutter and more wind, could see OSS working during manual focus.
Focus ended up being at very start or "infinity" indication by camera.
Developed from raw in capture one pro 9.2,
starting from default settings but changed:

0% distortion correction
0% fringing correction
100% light-fall-off lens correction
same white balance on all pictures
100% higlights recovery

Uploaded photos to my gallery here, hope that works out.

fe55z fe35f28z horizon/infinity lens test

If I need to re-test because of bad protocol or something, I'll try my best
thanks in advance !

I can't tell since they have been downsampled.

The format in which I find it easiest to do these tests is to export the images as full-sized  TIFFs from your raw developers to Photoshop as separate layers. Then label the layers with the settings, write the file out as a PSD, host it on Dropbox or something similar, and post a link here.

Then anybody doing the reviewing can just click on the layer visibility icons to directly compare any images in the stack.

The downside of this is that it means that everybody involved has to have Ps, though.


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