D5 wrongly reviewed by DXOmark

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Re: D5 wrongly reviewed by DXOmark

whumber wrote:

eno2 wrote:

The dynamic range over ISO 3200 is greater on D5 compared to any other camera, your argument is flawed. The only DR disadvantage D5 has, is around lower ISO values.

Uh, that was exactly my point. The D5 has greater dynamic range at higher ISO which corresponds to the high ISO images looking better.

Pretty much, people are used to viewing standard image noise as the main factor in out of camera IQ with DR only being an issue when pushing images in post but when your getting to higher ISO values DR is lowering enough for it to damage basic output much more noticeably.

Looking at the DxO numbers I think they match the DPR studio scene very well up to around ISO 50,000. The D5 starts to show cleaner dark areas of the image(such as the grey background) at around ISO 3200 and is about 2/3rds of a stop better by ISO 6400. The OP is correct though that the numbers don't match well by ISO 50,000 where DxO show the Canon equalling the D5 in DR and pulling away in basic noise when its clear the D5 is performing better.

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