Birds In Flight - D500 Images

Started Jul 3, 2016 | Discussions thread
OP RBedford New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Birds In Flight - D500 Images

Hi Stan,

I use the group area AFC exclusively. I've tried the other settings over the past week or so and none compare. I have the D810 and the difference in group area assist autofocus is staggering...I'm so impressed.

I think the key to mastering this camera is to keep the shutter speed up...much more than the D810.

I used to have a minimum shutter of 1/1600 for the D810, you need to be up around 1/2000 with the D500 and possibly higher for fast moving birds.

I use a Gitzo tripod plus Wimberley head which helps smooth tracking also.

I never use a teleconverter and put my cameras on a 500mm f4 prime lens...never with VR on.



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