Upgrading my D5100

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Maybe a useful comparison D5100 - D5500

Last year I tested the sharpness of the cams I use most, simply aimed at the same "target" on a wall, moved in/out to cover about the same overall area, then enlarged the results for comparison. Here are a) the overall photographed area (reduced to 40% size  for the internet) and b) the comparative "center" sharpness which includes the D5100 and the D5500 with the same lens. All shot with the lowest available ISO for each camera. Hope you find it useful.

(For me, I would not buy a camera without the articulating LCD screen, I find that I use it all the time for many reasons - except it is practically useless outdoor in bright sunlight. I find the D5500's touchscreen very useful - to my surprise - and also that it is slightly sharper than the D5100, as expected.)

Entire photo area.

Same target, crops enlarged for direct comparison. The differing f-stops are what each camera selected.

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