Upgrading my D5100

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Re: Upgrading my D5100

stevesayskanpai wrote:

The options are: D5500 or Fuji X-T1 (once the X-T2 is released and it comes down in price).

D5500 pros:

Upgrade from 16MP to 24MP (I sell my images as stock photography so this would be a benefit)

Better image quality (slightly?)

Better autofocus (slightly?)

Wifi (is this useful?)

New 18-55 VR II lens (same image quality as my 18-55 VR?)

Valid reasons to go for D5500 are:

  1. Touch screen! This is a big reason supporting the D5500. Can be very handy for video shooting, as you can change focus simply by touching the screen.
  2. Tilting swiveling screen! This is another huge reason to buy the D5500. It can be very useful when shooting from tricky angles, which might not even be possible altogether without the tilty, swively screen. But you have already used the D5100, so you know the benefits of the moving screen.
  3. Larger and better quality sensor (not very important, but a factor nonetheless).
  4. Much more lenses available - Nikon and Canon together hold about 80% of the market, if not more. So its natural you'll find more lenses for these 2, both new and used.
  5. Much cheaper than the Fuji you mentioned. Lenses are the same way.
  6. Significantly less startup delay (400 ms vs 1000 ms).
  7. Significantly longer battery life (820 shots vs 350 shots).
  8. Larger screen (8.1cm vs 7.6cm), Pentamirror vs Digital viewfinder, Faster autofocus (phase detection vs hybrid detection), and the WiFi can be useful to transfer photos from your camera to your phone wirelessly in a location where WiFi is present, but I don't consider this to be an important factor.

Fuji X-T1 pros:

The full range of mirrorless features, including real time EC in viewfinder, focus peaking, far more customisable controls.

Fuji X-T1 cons:

Need to buy new lenses!

Same 16MP

Any thoughts appreciated!

Valid reasons to go for the Fuji X-T1 are:

  1. Smaller and thinner (not lighter though) than the D5500. This is the biggest reason supporting the Fuji.
  2. Faster continuous shooting (8 fps vs 5 fps).
  3. Weather sealing. D5500 does not have that.
  4. Slightly better viewfinder coverage (100% vs 95%).

So, overall, I don't see any reason to go for the Fuji! If you're more into action and sports photography, the Fuji will give you faster burst shots. Other than that, no reason. But even for that, you have better and cheaper DSLRs like D7200, which has 7 fps shooting capability and weather sealing, and other very useful features, AND costs only a bit more than the D5500, while the Fuji is around 3 times the cost of the D5500. But its around 250 grams heavier than both these cameras.

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