Upgrading my D5100

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Re: Upgrading my D5100

Just a few general thoughts for what they are worth.

I have a D5500 mated with the 16-85mm. It meets all my demands and is easier to use than my Fuji X-A1. It is faster and I find quicker to shoot with, but that is probably just down to me.

I see no difference to speak of regarding image quality between the two systems but beware of the often mentioned front / back focus issues which can affect some Nikon combinations. I could be wrong but I think the Fuji system is not affected by this.

The Fuji lenses are sharp and very well made but at the sale price they should be !!

It will cost to cover your lens range so plan your budget to allow for this. It will be expensive. However to get the best from a D5500 you will best replace your current lenses especially the 50mm F1.8D. The latter versions are, in my humble opinion better.

I got my D5500 to replace a D5100 which had "Hot Spots" on the sensor needing re-touching on every image taken. I also got a D3300 at a bargain price with the latest AF-S lens and I am very impressed with the image quality. I now use it as a general purpose camera in my daily rucksack keeping the D5500 for holidays and "best" work. You could consider this now discontinued camera or await its replacement, possibly the D3500, which may meet all your needs and be the "latest kid on the block".

Based on pricing compared to the Fuji X-T1 you could consider the D7100 / D7200. It has the advantage of micro-adjust so you may not need to replace your current lens set-up to get the best from them. It is a bigger camera so this may be an issue. You will also need new batteries.........

If you do not need the X-T1 specifically then the X-T10 which is cheaper but apart from a few buttons and weather-proofing, is the same camera. It will do the same job.

Hope this helps in some little way.

Cheers Dennis

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