Panasonic GX8 - Disable Touch Focusing on EVF only?

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My conclusion and solution

MGP69 wrote:

If I have the touch focusing enabled my nose sometimes hits the screen and moves the focus point.

What I would like to happen is:

When using EVF: the four cursor buttons should control the focus point and the touch screen focusing should be disabled.

When using the rear LCD: touch screen focusing should be enabled and the four cursor buttons should have their normal functionality.


Many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback, especially Helen and the kind folk who referred me to Here

I can almost achieve the above requirements precisely, with just one minor difference.

I like to shoot candid, reportage, street, people and generally have the focus set to "Face/eye detection for speed" however I also want to be able to switch to single area and set the position as quickly as possible when needed. The touch screen focusing is great for this, except for the problem with the nose triggering it. Anyway the best solution I have found from the above posts uses the following settings:

AF Mode: Face/Eye Detection

Direct Focus Area: Off

Touch Screen: On

Touch Tab: On

Touch AF: AF

Touch Pad AF: Off

Fn3: Focus Area Set

With the above settings I can shoot using the EVF without my nose moving things. If I want to set a single focus point I can quickly move the camera away from my face and touch the screen where I want the focus point to be (note no button presses required). Note also that the four cursor buttons will have their normal functions when I move the camera away from my face. If I want to use the cursor buttons to move the single focus point (maybe for more precise positioning than the touch screen) I simply hit Fn3 and now the cursor buttons move the focus point (or if I have already touched the screen the cursor buttons will automatically move the cursor.

likewise if I want to control the single AF point when using the EVF I simply press Fn3 and use the cursors. (This is on extra button press compared with my original requirements, but coupled with the above it's absolutely fine for the workflow.)

Hope this helps someone else.



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