The thing about Nano

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Re: The thing about Nano

I never understood why everyone's jumping onto the sharpness bandwagon when there is so much more to a good lens, as you mentioned. Some of my best portraits are from an old 12MP 5D classic with the 85/1.2 II and 24-70/2.8 lenses. By today's standards, they wouldn't top anybody's list of sharpest lenses, but they just produced amazing looking photos......something I can't replicate even on my 810 with Nikon's best primes. Portraits shot wide open had a pop that people noticed and always commented on.

I could see a noticeable difference after I had a brain fart and sold the 24-70 and bought the newer 24-70 II....thinking I needed sharper.....big mistake. It was sharper, that's for sure, by a good margin....and I reveled in it's sharpness for months before I realized what I had lost in the transition.

to's ALL about color and contrast.....lesson learned....the hard way.

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