DP2M vs D800E (with 100% crops)

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Re: DP2M vs D800E (with 100% crops)

Johan Borg wrote:

Joerg V wrote:

I am skeptical, this looks to good/bad (depending on which side you are on) to be true.

If these are 100% crops, then I don't see anything surprising here: DP2M has more per-pixel detail (three times the colors, AA filter or not) and D800 has more pixels.

Hi Johan!

DP2M is not more detailed, it is more microcontrasted than based on Bayer's pattern cameras. One can see yellow leafs on D800e crop, but not on DP2M.



You can see a lot of details, that are absent on foveon's left crop, but present on D800e.

From my point of view, Fofeon based cameras are poor colors, especially in details.

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