1D Mark IV: Are there focus problems?

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Oly Canikon
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Re: 1D Mark IV: Are there focus problems?

htimm1948 wrote:

Oly Canikon wrote:

htimm1948 wrote:

I have two 1D MK4 bodys and I have no problems with theAF but when I shoot in burst modus I've sometimes blurred photos after the first ones and I think it is a problem with the mirror which makes much noise and I think it causes a tremble in the camera. I am curious if someone else has the same experience. Sorry for my bad english but I hope you understands my problem.

Do you see the blur if you shoot a burst on a stationary object?

Although I shoot not very much with stationary objects in burst mode I also have it with stationary objects.

Have you tried mirror lock-up? You need to try different operations as a process of elimination.

For example if it still happens with the mirror locked up then for sure it isn't the mirror.

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