F717 vs DiMAGE A1

Started Aug 8, 2003 | Discussions thread
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blind_nach New Member • Posts: 11
F717 vs DiMAGE A1

Well, which is better?

It seems that the A1 is better, with things such as exposure mode memories, Adobe RGB color mode, RAW mode, user memories, more White balance presets, CF media

  • But is it worth 200-250$ more for the Minolta?

  • Are really so useful the user and exposure mode memories?

  • Is there real difference between standard color mode and Adobe RGB color mode?

  • Is RAW mode really sooo good?

  • isn't white balance almost the same than changing Levels with Photoshop?

  • What's the real diference between CF and Memory Stick? OK, they're cheaper, but not 100$ for a 256MB card.

Well, tell your opinion on this. Any other camera is, obviously, welcome.

I'm talking about the F717 because that's the one I was thinking of purchasing (until yesterday when I read the A1 news).

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