15-85 vs 18-135 STM for 60D all-purpose

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Re: 15-85 vs 18-135 STM for 60D all-purpose

gipper51 wrote:

I have the 18-135 STM and find it to be an excellent lens. Never shot the 15-85.

The 18-135 surprised me with how good it is. Mine does have a slightly soft upper left corner at the wide end, but you've gotta be looking for it to notice. It's sharp the rest of the range even wide open. Nature of the beast with big zoom lenses. I bought mine second hand specifically for a vacation earlier this year, thinking I might sell it when I got back. I've not sold it...

I'd vote for the 18-135 over the 15-85 because of the huge price difference. I can't imagine the optics on the 15-85 would be much better, as the 18-135 is pretty darn good (assuming good samples of each). For the price of the 15-85 you could have the 18-135 STM and a 10-18 STM to cover the wide end. That would be a very potent 2 lens kit for cheap. Buy refurbished from Canon and you can own both for under $700.

It's a matter of balancing telephoto vs wide angle.

15mm compared to 18mm at the wide end may not sound much but the difference is quite significant.
I tend to shoot at the wide end of the zoom range but others may prefer the longer reach of the 18-135.
I use the 15-85 as my everyday lens on the 70D and I was considering the 18-135, but I'm not sure for my style of shooting it would be a worthwhile change, and I'd be pulling out my 10-22 Ultra Wide Angle quite often.

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