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My LX7 has the option of taking three quick shots +/- whatever EV I set, from 1/3 to 3.0. That works great for HDR. It's just not called that.

I must believe the camera you are interested-in has that feature.

That is referred to as "auto-bracketing" .... three separate shots which can be LATER COMBINED via a special HDR software-program.

In-camera HDR is also three shots, (on Panasonic but only 2 on most Nikons), which are then automatically combined into one (HDR) print.

I don't know about the quality of your Canon but I can tell you that the Nikon P-500's HDR was TERRIBLE ... (unusable).

It is very good in the FZ-1000 but many people still prefer manually combining them for sometimes a greater (sometimes abstract) effect which some people love, (like me), but most hate the over-done effect.

look at this photo , there is too much white , i think with HDR this will be better .... what do you think ? it's normal ? i don't think this , with a phone camera with HDR this photo came out better ....


By HDR you can darkened the highlight (bright background) and having the gentleman be properly exposed as it was in your sample. But likely it need a bigger range than +/-2ev (the traditional +1ev, 0ev and -1ev). For a higher grade camera support Exposure Bracketing (like 5 shots of 1ev each, i.e., from +2ev to -2ev or even 7 shots etc) might better for the job.

No (alternative):

By flash it could apply extra lighting onto the face of your model allowing a proper exposure as it was, and keep the background from over exposed.

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